THEOSOPHY, Vol. 88, Issue 2
January-February, 2000
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The Los Angeles Times for Thursday September 16th "Earthwatch" records that Japanese researchers Naoki Suda and Kaqunari Nawa have reported in New Scientist that they have detected a hum emitted by our Earth.

This consists of sounds and grouped into about 50 notes. The range of those sounds is a very low subsonic, about 16 octaves below "middle C." These sounds are so subtle that a single magnitude 5.5 earthquake anywhere on the planet blots them out for the moment. Only the use of highly sophisticated audio equipment enabled them distinguishable and identifiable at all. The sounds could be taken to resemble those of a living entity, and they result from the continuing echoes and reverberations of many geological and atmospheric events that occur almost simultaneously all over the Earth. Taken altogether they produce a "frenetic symphony," a noise -- a kind of clanging.

However, the researchers say "The hum is not actually the sound of seismic or weather events, but is the lingering echo of their combined occurrences."

William Q Judge, considering ancient sacred sounds such as the "aum," wrote:

...we may consider that there is pervading the whole universe a single homogenous resonance, sound, or tone, which acts, so to speak, as the awakener or vivifying power, stirring all the molecules into action. This is what is represented in all languages by the vowel a, which takes precedence of all others.... This is creation ... Nada Brahma (divine resonance),..." (Judge Articles, I, 561.)
In ancient Hindu philosophy, in each case "a" opens creation, and the sound "u" is said to preserve it until the final sound "m" brings, under karma, all to a summation and a period of rest or slumber. This lasts until the dawn of a fresh "day."

Students of The Secret Doctrine know well the fact that "SOUND ... is a tremendous Occult power ... a stupendous force ... when directed with occult knowledge." (S.D. I, 555.) The "Harmony of the Spheres" is a Pythagorean teaching based on the tonal range of the gamut, and illustrated by the planetary arrangement of our system. (S.D. II, 600-1.) It is only natural to assume that any one of our planets, as also any living thing, has a fundamental note to which it responds as well as one which is the synthesis of its own nature, and that it generates this as it lives. HPB writes in The Voice of the Silence:

The Northern Buddhists and all Chinamen ... find in the deep roar of some of the great and sacred rivers the key-note of Nature.... It is a well-known fact in Physical Science, as well as in Occultism, that the aggregate sound of Nature -- such as is heard in the roar of great rivers, the noise produced by the waving tops of trees in large forests, or that of a city heard at a distance -- is a definite single tone of quite an appreciable pitch. (Voice, 55 fn.)
This tone was called in China the "kung," the "great tone," corresponding to "F" on the piano and considered by modern physicists to be the actual tonic of Nature. Also we are made aware of the fact that the whole of our physical nature, made up of uncountable atoms, is eternally in harmonic motion under the guidance of Karma. "Atoms are called 'Vibrations' in Occultism; also 'Sound' -- collectively." (S.D. I, 633.) One of the Mahatmas, writing to Mr. Sinnett draws his attention to the occult fact that "discord is the harmony of the Universe." (The Mahatma Letters, p. 401.) He indicates in another letter that "Science will hear sounds from certain planets before she sees them." (Ibid., 170.) The eternal motion and its source is described early in The Secret Doctrine, when defining fohat: (I, p. 84-5) "...Fohat, [the dynamic energy of Cosmic Ideation] gathering a few of the clusters of Cosmic matter ... will, by giving it an impulse, set it in motion ... The expanding and contracting of ... the world stuff or atoms -- expresses here the pulsatory movement ... the regular contraction and expansion of the infinite and shoreless Ocean of that which we may call the noumenon of matter emanated by Swâbhâvat, [the Spirit and essence of matter] which causes the universal vibration of atoms.... the all-creative Force plus ABSOLUTE INTELLIGENCE,..." (S.D. I, 84-85.)

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