THEOSOPHY, Vol. 88, Issue 5
July-August, 2000
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Nature participates in the reciprocity of the Brotherhood of Life, which is the Law of Life.



That we humans, in the so-called developed countries, have abused and misunderstood our "Mother" earth is now commonly known. We can no longer ignore this perilous situation. There isn't a body of water on earth, lakes, rivers, groundwater, and oceans that has not felt the damaging effects of pollution. The earth endeavors to absorb and cleanse itself all it can, but there comes a time when it is overwhelmed by a case of indigestion.

Having said that, the first step to be taken toward solving a wrong turn in the road is to become and admit awareness of it. Whether realized, or not, we are all on the same road with all our fellow beings, elemental, mineral, plant, animal, who depend on thinking Humanity to "show the way." As Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the late Jean Jacques Cousteau, summed it up:

We must comprehend our ties with the oceans.... When you take an aspirin to get rid of a headache, those chemicals end up here in the sea. It's that simple.
The environmentalists are growing in number. There are groups, large and small, from urban community gardens, organic gardening farmers, protectors of the oceans and its wildlife, to champions of forests and soul erosion, who give of their time, work and money to "help nature and work on with her." Compared to the teeming billions on the planet their numbers may be minuscule, but their voices increase in volume with each passing day. Over the coming months it is the intention to include comments on some of the outstanding work taking place today.

To begin with, the scientific community has undergone a revolution in its thinking, now seeing connections with everything in the Universe. The interconnectedness of all things in the cosmos is a fundamental axiom of theosophical teachings. We quote here from an article, "Scientists See Connections Everywhere in the Universe," published in the Los Angeles Times in May of 1999:

During the past several decades, science has pushed its ability to connect to nearly unfathomable extremes. The tiny quantum mechanical fluctuations that scale geometry of filaments and galaxy clusters that drape the sky today. The genetic recipes for apes and even insects and plants, biologists tell us, are written on the same spiral molecule as the genes of people proving, if there was ever a doubt, the tightly knit nature of life's family tree.

The flapping of a butterfly's wing, mathematicians tell us, can stir up the air over Africa enough to set off an exponentially growing chain of global weather changes that causes a hurricane the next month in Miami. Similarly, light a candle in Hancock Park and send clouds over Kosovo. Pollute the skies in one state and rain acid on the neighbors next door.

This is not so difficult to imagine when it is recalled that HPB said "Let a note be struck on an instrument, and the faintest sound produces an eternal echo. A disturbance is created on the invisible waves of the shoreless ocean of space, and the vibration is never wholly lost." (Isis Unveiled I, p. 114.) And, in The Key to Theosophy (p. 206) she says: "A stone falls into the water and creates disturbing waves. These waves oscillate backwards and forwards till at last, owing to the operation of what physicists call the law of the dissipation of energy, they are brought to rest, and the water returns to its condition of calm tranquillity."

The article continues:

Mathematics is the language of science in part because it helps reveal these hidden connections. The same equations describe the undulations of light, water sound, tremors, in the Earth; the same mathematical pattern underlies the branching trees, of blood vessels, of rivers.

The mathematical notion of symmetry is really the mathematics of similarities. It reveals the subatomic building blocks of nature may be linked in previously unsuspected ways. Until recently, particles fell into two distinct families roughly, those similar to light and those similar to what we more commonly know as "matter". Now, however, physicists believe that every particle has a secret "super" partner lurking under the surface. Each member of each family finds its mirror image in the other world. If these hidden super-symmetric partners are found, it would mean that everything in nature -- forces and matter alike -- come out of the same master equation. The more things look different, the more they turn out to be the same.

The "super" partner, above referred to, is another name for the theosophical idea that behind every form is an "eternal prototype", all emanating from the one substance principle.

An article by William Q. Judge entitled "Laws Governing Elementals" (Judge Articles I, p. 406-407), written in the form of dialogue between a student and a Sage, clarifies the role of the so-called objective sciences in the ongoing evolution of conscious states. The student asks the Sage: "should we go out as reformers of science, or what?" The Sage counseled:

[Scientists] are in the forefront of the mental, but not of the spiritual, progress of the time, and are driven forward by the forces they know nothing of. Help is very often given to them by the Masters, who, neglecting nothing, constantly see to it that these men make progress upon the fittest lines for them,...

Science is competent to take care of itself, and you would only be throwing pearls before them to be trampled under foot. Rest content that all within their comprehension will be discovered and admitted from time to time. [Note: Here's a link to the whole article: "Laws Governing Elementals". --Compiler.]

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