THEOSOPHY, Vol. 18, No. 6, April, 1930
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IT is well to remind ourselves that the inspiration of the Parent theosophical society came from the Masters of Wisdom; that its Three Objects are those of the Masters; that the Theosophy which was to be disseminated by means of the Society is the Wisdom-Religion of those Masters. As organizations the "theosophical" societies have no more claim to attention than any other of countless organizations, religious, philanthropic, educational, or social.

Only as theosophical associations serve as living embodiments of the Three Objects can they command the help of Masters, because only so do they deserve Masters' help. They recognize no privilege or special gifts in any association, any more than in any man, save those won through personal effort and merit.

A society is no other than, and no stronger than, the united good acts of its members in furtherance of its and their objects. No society and no individual need fail, but all must fail just in the degree that they depart from the Objects of the Masters, the program of the Masters, the Theosophy of the Masters. If success is to be achieved by any individual or by any society it must come through adhesion to the program of the Masters, through assimilation of Their Theosophy, through our engaging in Their Objects, -- not through Their doing our work for us. All that have so far failed can retrace their steps. It is never too late to mend.

Masters have become what They are through intelligent devotion to the Three Objects, following in the steps of the Predecessors in all time. How else shall Theosophists become as They are than by taking the same steps.

[Note: Here are the links to the article by HPB entitled "Our Three Objects", and the one by William Q. Judge entitled "Theosophical Objects". --Compiler.]

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