THEOSOPHY, Vol. 14, No. 11, September, 1926
(Pages 504-506; Size: 11K)


WITH the greater growth and expansion of the mental and psychic faculties in man there exists the correspondingly greater power. The fact is that all these powers and capacities may be used for beneficent ends; that they are not being so employed, however, becomes with every year more plainly evident. Each new discovery and invention only places in the hands of irresponsible, because spiritually ignorant, men a fresh means of inflicting further indignities upon long suffering nature. The crimes committed in the names of religion and science, "for the sake of God," and "for the good of mankind," become daily and almost hourly of a more shocking character. Strange as it may seem, it is not in crimes such as murder, theft, or physical cruelties that lurk the greatest dangers. Any fool may commit these comparatively simple crimes, and although their effects may from one viewpoint seem very great, they are as nothing compared with the crimes committed by men who stand before the public as examples and authorities. The greater menace lies in the spiritual, mental and moral crimes of the scientist and the religionist, who pollute the life-streams at their very source, and make bitter the sweet waters at which all men must slake their thirst for knowledge. It is not that men are as yet willfully evil, nor deliberately plan to bring further suffering upon their fellow beings. In practically every instance ignorance lies at the root of their actions. It is not mere man-made laws which they violate, but the changeless and eternal laws of Life itself.

Theosophy sounds grave warning to all those who, in their fancied independence and learning, would juggle with every element, force, and power in nature which they can find means of contacting. Once accept the hypothesis that Life is one, that all nature is intelligent, that the law of any element represents the intelligence of the lives of which it is composed, and one would then be able to work in harmony with, instead of in opposition to, her laws.

Take as example the very common practice of injecting into the human blood virus obtained from diseased animal organisms. Thousands of people consider this not only harmless, but highly desirable and beneficial. If they had knowledge of the septenary constitution of everything in nature, and were capable of watching the action and interaction of all the principles and elements involved, there is little doubt that the exponent of vaccination would change his views. He might prefer to suffer physical small-pox rather than risk its psychic counterpart.

The subject is a vast one, embracing as it does three great lines of evolution and many orders of intelligences. A slight appreciation may be had of the many Karmic ramifications involved in such an explanation, if we consider some of the factors which enter into even the simplest act. In a very ancient scripture it is said that for the accomplishment of every act five agents are necessary -- the substratum, the agent, the various sorts of organs, the various and distinct movements and with these, as fifth, the presiding deities. Yet physicians demand that full and convincing proofs of the evil effects of vaccination and vivisection be passed over to them at once, couched in a few short paragraphs. The subject will never be understood until people come to see that every thing and creature is engaged upon an evolutionary journey of its own; has its own place and function in nature; its own Dharma, or duty; its own quality of intelligence; its own integrity. It is only then that people may begin to realize that by ignorantly forcing the union of two or more diverse elements the evolutionary lines of each are pulled awry, resulting inevitably in retardation, confusion and suffering for all concerned. In every branch of scientific research men are daily and hourly forcing similar and even more objectionable unions in all departments of nature, and on every plane of being which they can reach. Not satisfied with the atrocities already perpetrated in the name of science, a party of enthusiastic and supposedly enlightened scientists have departed for New Guinea to begin experimental work with the declared object of breeding human beings with chimpanzees.

One shrinks from even imagining some of the future "blessings" in store for mankind, "blessings" which will be the unholy progeny arising from the activities of the many misguided scientific investigators. From the spiritualistic mediums who saturate their inner principles with the remains of Kamic corpses, so spreading astral, psychic and moral diseases abroad, down to the medical "benefactor" who forcibly inoculates the healthy organisms of school children with diseased animal matter, one and all are sowing the seeds for a future harvest.

Many people object to vivisection on the grounds that needless physical suffering is often inflicted upon animal subjects, due either to a partial or a total lack of anæsthesia. If this were the only consequence of vivisection it would hardly be a matter of such grave concern, but the fact is that the effect upon the inner principles of both vivisectionist and his victim is of another and far more serious nature. The far reaching evil effects of many practices prevalent in the world today can never be appreciated fully until it is realized that every atom, even the so-called mineral atom, possesses not only a physical body or aspect, but an astral, psychic and spiritual nature as well. Only when this is understood will the actual effects of the forced, unnatural amalgamation of hostile elements become apparent.

The knowledge, and hence the vision, of our most "learned" men reaches no further than the lowest and grossest forms of matter, those capable of being contacted through the physical senses. Quite naturally, then, they never even suspect that the process of generation and birth of beings is not confined to the physical plane alone. Nevertheless, they, in common with the rest of humanity, must one day face not only the physical progeny of "strictly scientific practices," in the forms of new, more malignant and incurable diseases of the flesh, but must also face on inner planes the deformed brood born from unnatural and forced astral and psychic unions. Do they perchance think these may be combatted by physical scalpel and test-tube?

What can be done by those who see and hear and know the dangers? Very little externally, save to wait, watch, warn and work. They are powerless to check the onrush of human life based on a false theology, led willing captive of a blind and cruel science. The great Karmic tide may not be checked, for rigid justice rules the world with never varying sweep of unerring action. But each in whom there stirs some memory of the ancient truths may heed the call to arms and falling in line with the companions, stand like a rock in defense of Truth, against all the hosts of superstition, materialism, scepticism, ignorance and ridicule. Always there will be found those who form a living shield about the ancient doctrine, defending it from age to age, while awaiting the dawn of a brighter day.

COMPILER'S NOTE: The following is a separate item which followed the above article but was on the same page. I felt it was useful to include it here:


Ice is a great magician, whose occult properties are as little known as those of Ether It is occultly connected with the astral light, and may under certain conditions, reflect certain images from the invisible astral region, just as light and a sensitised plate may be made to reflect stars that cannot be perceived even by the telescope. This is well known to learned Yogis who dwell on the eternal ice of Bodrinath and the Himalayas. At any rate, ice has certainly the property of retaining images of things impressed on its surface under certain conditions of light, images which it preserves invisibly until it is melted. Fine steel has the same property, though it is of a less occult nature. Were you to observe the ice from the surface, these forms would not be seen. But once that in decomposing the ice with heat you deal with the forces and the things that were impressed on it, then you find that it throws off these images and the forms appear. It is but one link leading to another link. All this is not modern science of course, yet it is fact and truth. --H.P.B.

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