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The doctrine we promulgate being the only true one, must -- supported by such evidence as we are preparing to give -- become ultimately triumphant as every other truth. Yet it is absolutely necessary to inculcate it gradually, enforcing its theories -- unimpeachable facts for those who know -- with direct inferences deduced from and corroborated by the evidence furnished by modern exact science. (From the Maha Chohan, 1881.)
THE Theosophist, insofar as he has the courage and clear-sightedness to be worthy of it, has an infallible guide, not only to his own true conduct in life, but to the accurate estimating of the value of any given action or basis of action.

This may be concretely expressed in a syllogism:

A. The Universe, under its seeming complexity, is ONE.

B. No action by any constituent thereof, which injures any other constituent, can end in other than disaster.

Deduction: The infliction of pain or suffering, from selfish motives, is disastrous to the inflictor and all whom he would serve.

No sane interpretation of the facts of all history can lead to any other conclusion; and the lesson is being enforced before our eyes day by day. Many persons, Theosophists and non-Theosophists, have an intuitive perception of the existence of this Law; but by the strange errancies of human nature, fail to see that any law, to be such in reality, must be of universal and unfailing application. Thus we have persons outspoken for international brotherhood, and at the same time advocators of vivisection, as well as tireless workers for the bettering of their own countrymen, who hold to the most implicit faith in the omnipotence of evil and the rule of might, in international relations.

Theosophists sometimes confuse the "evidence" referred to above with the pretenses of that same "exact science," and try to syncretise the vicious mechanistic lucubrations of some scientists with Theosophy, not themselves having the courage or faith to withstand "scientific authority." Yet the facts are always to be found; and it seldom requires much, either of waiting or of effort, to secure their emergence.

In pursuance of the line laid down in the above Extract, this magazine has from time to time published facts in regard to the actual effects of the practice of vivisection. Herewith are a few more for the attention of all Theosophists, and especially of the mothers, who may by their votes for compulsory vaccination contribute to the future poisoning of their children's veins.

We have heard much of the preventive effect of typhoid inoculations in the Army during the late war. What are the facts? Typhoid was so prevalent among the universally inoculated Expeditionary Forces, that in 1919, the Chief Surgeon of the A.E.F. issued a special circular thereon. In July, 1918, a replacement unit of 248 men from Camp Cody had in England 98 cases among recently inoculated men, of whom 9 died. Medical discussion of this case evolved the following conclusions: (1) Death by typhoid is no evidence of failure of vaccine. (2) Vaccination had been done at too long intervals. (3) Vaccination had been done at too short intervals. (4) Vaccination was too massive. (Surgeon General Sir W. B. Leisham, Dr. B. Foord Caiger, Sir Kenneth Goodly.) We believe this incident almost unique in the annals of professional inefficiency. Typhoid and paratyphoid were reported from all divisions in the Argonne.

Every ex-soldier knows the fearful prevalence of epidemics of all kinds, including spinal meningitis, in the camps, immediately upon the typhoid inoculations. The medical profession has not cared to call public attention to this juxtaposition.

The influenza figures as a whole, covering the Army and civil population during the war, are more significant. The Army composed the pick of the nation; all had immediate, and supposedly expert medical attention in illness; at least, they had more than the casual civil population; their surroundings were more sanitary, and food and water better regulated; last, but not least, typhoid inoculation was uniform, or practically so. But in the influenza epidemic, the death rate among the civil population, old people, invalids, diseased, and all the rest included, was 318 per 100,000. In the Army it was 1,446 per 100,000; a ratio of 4.6 to 1.

It is true the soldiers were more crowded; it is also true that infection did not depend on proximity, as the universal experience of civilians testifies. The only experience not shared by both civilians and soldiers, and which is at all under dispute, was inoculation -- inoculation, the direct result of vivisection.

Let us look at previous history. It is one of the boasts of medical "science" that the decrease during preceding years in typhoid in the Army, was due to this same dream of inoculation.

In 1898, the attack rate of the Army was 88.56 per thousand, and deaths 9.74. In 1899, the attack rate was 22.98, death rate 2.79. This for the Regulars. Among the Volunteers, the figures were respectively 166.03-17.18, 17.10-1.90; an even greater decrease. This certainly would seem a triumph of preventive medicine. But unfortunately, no American soldier was inoculated prior to March 1, 1909. The figures merely show that owing to better sanitation and Karmic decrease, the disease would have been practically extinct long before now.

The story of smallpox is substantially the same. Figures for the Continental United States are available only in relation to small individual communities, and too sporadic for treatment here. But fortunately we have examples which are beyond question, as in the tragic story of the Philippines -- another victim of Western "civilization."

Vaccination began in the Philippines in 1905, and has continued systematically up to the present hour. The population is approximately 11,000,000. According to the Philippine Health Service, between 1905 and 1917, not less than 10,000,000, and probably as many as 15,000,000 vaccinations were performed. It certainly cannot be said that we were backward in vivisecting these unfortunate dependents! The Philippine Constabulary was used to force the parents to have their children vaccinated.

Let us look at the results: During the smallpox epidemic of 1918-1919, there were in the Philippines 107,981 cases with a mortality of 59,741 -- equal to our own losses in the World War. The heaviest mortality, 65.3 per cent, occurred in Manila, where vaccination was most thorough, and the lightest, 11.4, in Mindanao, where public resistance had severely hampered vaccination. Owing to this "superstitious" resistance, extra measures have been taken to enforce vaccination in Mindanao, with the result of a "reduction" of mortality (by 1920) to 25 per cent.

The Filipinos generally believe the smallpox epidemic due to vaccination. Inasmuch as the epidemic was the worst these unfortunates had ever experienced, and inasmuch as the Islands had been thoroughly cleaned up from the sanitary point of view, it would seem that the Philippine "savage" has it considerably over the white medical savage. General Leonard Wood remarks that in recent years, "there has been a steady increase in preventable diseases, especially typhoid, malaria, beri-beri and tuberculosis." It is no fardrawn conclusion to decide that universal blood-poisoning, has had something to do with this. What fearful Karma has placed the unfortunate Philippines in the position of a vivisectionist laboratory for medical savagery, can only be a matter of conjecture.

It may also be noted in this connection, that case mortality, under vaccination, has increased steadily from 10 per cent to 65 per cent. Truly a "triumph of modern science!" The Report of the Philippine Health Service states that "the mortality is hardly explainable!" Probably not -- if vaccination "can do no wrong!"

The same story is found everywhere that reliable statistics have been kept. Japan has also burned her fingers on this, as on other samples of "modern progress." She lost 48,000 with smallpox between 1888 and 1908, all of whom were vaccinated.

After 35 years of compulsory vaccination, an epidemic occurred in Germany, in 1871. Prussia, most thorough in this as in other materialistic ideas, lost 69,839. At Liegnitz 224 vaccinated persons were attacked before one unvaccinated one.

In the matter of cancer, the facts emerge: that vivisection has been more persistent, wide-spread, and thorough, in the effort to find prevention or cure, than in the case of any other disease; and that cancer has increased, in every civilized nation, to such an extent that it now forms one of the most serious public problems. Medical men have long recognised that cancer was due to misplaced or morbid cells. All vaccines and serums are just that.

It is a fact that resistance to vaccination has been steadily rising in England and Wales for the past twenty years; and in exact ratio with its discontinuance, the death rates from smallpox have decreased. We are familiar with the frantic predictions of official medicine, as to the future fate of the American population in the face of its growing disregard for vaccination "protection." We leave these to time.

Taking British Government figures, we find that for twelve typical diseases in the British Isles, of which no control by vivisection measures has been attempted, an average decrease, from 1899 to 1913, took place, of 47.5 per cent. Of nine diseases upon which research has been especially carried out, we find that three, diphtheria, enteric, and tubercular meningitis, have decreased on an average of 57.2 per cent; while the others have increased in the following ratios: cerebro-spinal fever, 300 per cent; cancer, 28.7; sarcoma, 14.8; diabetes, 37.6; tetanus, 400; thyroid affections, 100.

These figures move Mr. Stephen Coleridge, the English anti-vivisectionist, to remark that "when ... there is superimposed the malign activity of the vivisectors and their nostrums, this beneficent tendency in common diseases to disappear is often checked, and sometimes becomes changed into a sinister tendency to advance upon and overwhelm mankind." Theosophists will find no difficulty in either understanding or appreciating Mr. Coleridge's words.

The worst phase of the matter, however, is the mental and moral effect of these practices. The only possible theories arising from them are of a materialistic nature, such as those of Berman, Crile, Tridon, etc.; and the inevitable result is the vivisection of helpless human beings. We can not do better than quote Mr. Coleridge again in regard to evidence given in court by the vivisector Pembrey:

"His evidence leaves us with an uneasy suspicion that the practice of vivisection and the study of physiology may gravely depress a man's power of ratiocination, and leave him in a condition in which he is unable to distinguish between a pain and a sorrow, between a smell and an emotion, between a meal and an aspiration, or between a lump of ice and a heart of stone."

We give the palm to Mr. Coleridge. We have all too often encountered just that condition, not only among those who practise vivisection, but those who support it. In the meantime, those moved by such bases, whether vivisectionists or not, go from error to error, from delusion to delusion, taking the unthinking masses with them.

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