THEOSOPHY, Vol. 21, No. 3, January, 1933
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(Part I)

THE Law of Analogy, properly understood, said Madame Blavatsky, is the infallible key to the operations of Nature, macrocosmic or microcosmic.

The skeptic may well point out, first, that a false analogy is as deadly a weapon of intellectual suicide as is known to man; second, that the method of analogy is a good means of getting out of an indefinite amount of hard work and hard thinking. To the truth of which much pseudo-"Theosophical" literature bears witness. From such methods of "analogy," one would imagine the Solar System to be a sort of macrocosmic metaphysical Sunday School, duly supplied with an orderly corps of pious teachers, presided over by a Superintendent called the "Logos" -- whatever that word may mean in the weird minds of those who construct such systems. And most patently, the whole Christian picture is an analogical projection into the sky of the typical medieval image of a petty royal court. Analogy itself, therefore, must be subjected to exactly the same practical tests as reason; it must fit all the known pertinent facts. And infallibly, if either analogy or reason are used for constructing pictures of the unknown, they must be devoid of personal feeling, or the pictures constructed will be tinted with anthropomorphism -- which curses present-day science itself to a greater degree than suspected.

It is interesting to note that in the realms of analogy, science is now paralleling Theosophy in exactly the same manner as in the category of reason. Namely, it is discovering by mechanical and mathematical means the facts set forth in Theosophy as the spiritual, metaphysical, and physical discoveries made by the sages of old time, which in turn are deducible in principle from the Three Fundamental Propositions. "As above, so below," is forcing itself irresistibly upon science; the like construction of each wheel within a wheel of the universe is becoming patent.

Some of these analogies are set forth by Dr. Robert K. Aitken, of Lick Observatory.(1) The moon revolves about the earth; the earth about the sun; the sun about some unknown center -- as set forth by H.P.B. in 1888. So far, nothing new. But Dr. Aitken goes on to say that the galaxy itself, our universe of stars, is also moving at an undetermined speed. Thus, not only does the Solar System move about the "Central Spiritual Sun," which lies at present in black obscuration, but that "Sun" itself moves about a greater Center -- and so on and on and on. To the Theosophist, to whom every physical configuration is symbolic of something metaphysical, which is its pattern and progenitor, this structure of wheels within wheels must have its vital, its mental, its spiritual correlates. What do we mean? Why, simply that if the earth depends for its motion upon the sun, it must also depend upon it for its life -- which no biologist or astronomer will deny. But why stop there? Theosophy teaches in the most positive terms that the sun itself depends upon its nameless Primary for its own forces. Once science grasps this idea, it may find a happy release from the hopeless cul-de-sac in which it finds itself regarding the origin of solar power.

As recently as within the last year, orthodox astronomy has recognized a great structural analogy. Drs. Putnam and Slipher, of Lowell University,(2) show that the relations between the sizes and distances of sun and planets bear the most striking resemblance to the same relations between the giant planets and their own families. The addition of the new ninth planet, they say, makes the resemblance still more remarkable. "Method here," they conclude, "is unmistakable." Dr. Benjamin Boss, of Dudley Observatory,(3) presents these wheels within wheels in a new and strange guise. The cosmos, he says, is made up of magnetic circles surrounded by larger magnetic circles, each highly charged. Behind all these is an all-penetrating radiation which causes the pulse of the universe to beat in its own particular rhythm, creating and destroying the stars and constellations. Except for the rather Copernican figure of the "circles," the picture is almost a true one of Fohatic correlations.

Any true set of analogies must have a binding nexus, a thread of identity running throughout. This identity on the purely physical side seems to have been found by one Dr. Mills, of the University of South Carolina, in the speed of light.(4)

Einstein's work revealed some startling characteristics of that factor. Dr. Mills states that it is a basic, not only in the relativity equations, but many other scientific constants. "It does not seem possible," he says naively, "that any merely accidental agreement could produce these relationships."

Together with the analogistic Theosophic picture of the Universe, travels the organismic understanding. Both taken together mean, first, that all the phenomena of the universe take place through organized bodies or objects; second, these bodies are all organized upon certain root-patterns; third, their action is that of living substances. This leads to the apparent absurdity, for instance, of saying that the earth and a man are both built on the same plan; that both are equally living. Apparent absurdity; but when stripped of particularities, reduced to principles of action and construction, and particularly when denuded of anthropomorphic images, the statement is the exact truth on any plane; demonstrable on the physical.

A living body is an aggregate of matter held apart from the rest by difference of state due to cohesive affinities; earth and man are both that. Both are subject to attrition of their matter, constant losses being replaced by ingressions from elsewhere. Both are composed, not of morphic and meaningless masses of matter, but of parts and shapes having definite functions. The stable functions of the Poles, both geographic and magnetic, are as vital to the earth as the harmonious relation between heart and brain is to man.

The matter of planetary reproduction need not here be dealt with; but let us examine that of nourishment. Here we are brought in touch with the increasing complexities of the magnetic system of the earth, daily being uncovered by scientific investigation, pari passu with those biological findings which reveal that the life of organized bodies like those of man depends upon an intricate bio-magnetic and bio-electric system. It is in fact now known that each individual cell of a living body is as magnetically polarized as the earth.

When science shall have discovered that the lives of the cells are dependent upon a polar interchange of magnetic and ionic forces between themselves, between themselves and greater reservoirs, as much as upon mere physical nourishment, the conclusion will be irresistible that the earth is a gigantic cell. Even the shape of a cell unconstrained, is globular also!

(Concluded in February)

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