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For the poles of the earth are inlets and outlets; which brings us straight to the mystery of the auroras. Until recently, the theory of Vegard was generally accepted. This held that the auroral phenomena were due to the impact of ultra-violet light upon nitrogen crystals in the air. This theory, however, is now abandoned. Drs. Wynne-Roberts, McLennan, and Ireton, of the University of Toronto(5), claim that auroral flashes have been seen 155 miles above the earth. This being beyond the possible suspension point of crystalline nitrogen, "some other explanation must be found." Dr. Joseph Kaplan, University of California, who has produced an artificial aurora, finds evidence that the aurora is due to charged streams of particles from the sun. Dr. Chapman, of Imperial College, London, urges that during the next eclipse special attention be directed to the mysterious "Heaviside Layer" of electrified substance lying 60 to 100 miles above the earth, and which has a vital relation to weather, radio reception, etc.(6) "The electricity of this layer," he remarks in passing, "must be renewed continually in some mysterious fashion."

Dr. Hulbert, of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory,(7) says that molecules and atoms are constantly being sprayed away to 30,000 miles or more from the earth; they then become ionized by sunlight, and instead of returning to the surface, are caught on the earth's magnetic field and fall along the lines of force into the polar regions, thus keeping the dark latitudes supplied with ionization. This is a terrestrial circulatory system. And since ionization is simply electrification, and electrification is vital to life, it smacks significantly indeed of a vital function as necessary as the circulation of human blood. Moreover, the process as described is very like the emanative action of the human body itself. More will be seen in this when science recognizes the field of force of the human body, and its very similar action.

These magnetic flows, internal and external to the earth, are in fact its very life-breath. Said H.P.B.:

The strange statement made in one of the Stanzas: "The Songs of Fohat and his Sons were radiant as the noon-tide Sun and the Moon combined;" and that the four Sons on the middle four-fold Circle "saw their father's songs and heard his Solar-selenic radiance;" is explained in the Commentary in these words: "The agitation of the Fohatic forces at the two cold ends (North and South Poles) of the Earth which resulted in a multicoloured radiance at night, have in them several of the properties of Akâsa (Ether) colour and sound as well." ... "Sound is the characteristic of Akâsa (Ether): it generates air, the property of which is Touch; which (by friction) becomes productive of Colour and Light." ... (Vishnu Purâna.) (Secret Doctrine, 1888, I, 204-5).

Perhaps the above will be regarded as archaic nonsense, but it will be better comprehended, if the reader remembers the Aurora Borealis and Australis, both of which take place at the very centres of terrestrial electric and magnetic forces. The two poles are said to be the store-houses, the receptacles and liberators, at the same time, of Cosmic and terrestrial Vitality (Electricity); from the surplus of which the Earth, had it not been for these two natural "safety-valves," would have been rent to pieces long ago. At the same time it is now a theory that has lately become an axiom, that the phenomenon of polar lights is accompanied by, and productive of, strong sounds, like whistling, hissing, and cracking. (S.D. I, 205).

For some odd reason -- perhaps an intuition that it would lead into metaphysics -- materialistic scientists do not like to believe in the soniferous properties of the aurora. Roald Amundsen and Dr. Sverdrup have advanced the remarkable thesis that the "sounds" of the aurora are due to minute ice-crystals falling out of the observer's frozen breath! In other words, the human breath chooses to freeze at some dozens of degrees below zero only when the aurora happens to be visible -- a quality of the aurora considerably more astonishing than any advanced by Theosophy!

But a number of scientists have lately stepped right inside the pages of the Secret Doctrine with their views of these identical functions. Dr. Boss(8) has hypothesized a new type of radiation explaining many hitherto obscure phenomena. This radiation is believed to be more penetrating than X-rays and nearly equal to the "cosmic ray" of Millikan. This radiation travels along the lines of magnetic force, reaching the earth at the poles, and flowing simultaneously to all parts of the earth, producing great terrestrial and sometimes cataclysmic effects. This closely correlates with the statements of Dr. Gish, of the Carnegie Institute,(9) who writes on the connection of the auroras with the well-known but little-understood earth currents. There are magnetic and electrical earthstorms, having nothing directly to do with the weather, but which sometimes produce such an effect that the telegraph can be operated without batteries. During such times the Aurora Borealis becomes visible further south than at other times. Such storms have been known to commence simultaneously at three widely separated parts of the earth with currents in the same direction -- certainly indicative of a cosmic cause. The source, says Dr. Gish, must be seated outside the earth, likely in the atmosphere of the sun, since they correlate with the sunspots.

There are at present, he says, only two formulated theories regarding these effects. One, that electrons shot out from the sun converge near the poles and encircle the earth in high altitudes; the other, that electrons are distributed by the winds of the upper atmosphere. Significantly, he remarks that currents "travel from pole to pole as though electricity were supplied at one pole and removed from the other." Science one day will discover similar effects in the human "atmosphere."

So deep are the mysteries involved in the electricity of the earth that one of the most striking recently discovered facts is yet wholly without explanation; a constant pulsation in air electricity; spaced about twelve seconds, was discovered "accidentally" by Dr. Sheppard, of Kew Observatory.(10) These pulsations, it is stated, "are of unknown significance." This quick pulsation will be found to correlate with biological phenomena.

But Dr. Boss goes still further and should fare still better in the view of posterity. For, not content with recognizing a solar source of his new radiation, and taking a strict Theosophic view of its connection with the poles of the earth, he recognizes the invisible cosmic channels, the blood-vessels of the galactic organism. Similar radiations, he says, in so many words, are emitted from all stars, "traveling along the lines of magnetic force of the entire galaxy."

It is a superhuman picture which this arouses; yet strictly analogical along Theosophic lines:

"The Sun is the heart of the Solar World (System) and its brain is hidden behind the (visible) Sun. From thence, sensation is radiated into every nerve-centre of the great body, and the waves of the life-essence flow into each artery and vein.... The planets are its limbs and pulses...." (Commentary.)

It was stated elsewhere ... that Occult philosophy denies that the Sun is a globe in combustion, but defines it simply as a world, a glowing sphere, the real Sun being hidden behind, and the visible being only its reflection, its shell. The Nasmyth willow leaves ... are the reservoirs of solar vital energy, the "vital electricity that feeds the whole system.... The Sun in abscondito being thus the storehouse of our little Kosmos, self-generating its vital fluid, and ever receiving as much as it gives out," and the visible Sun only a window cut into the real Solar palace and presence, which reflects, however, faithfully the interior work. (S.D. I, 541).

But the sun in turn is thus fed from its unimaginable primary. And could the truth be seen, such invisible magnetic lines connecting together all men and animals, forming channels for the nutritive exchange of substance physical and metaphysical, material, mental, and moral; connecting all these beings with the vital centers of earth, and in fact with the hearts of "intimate" atoms, would be recognized. All are living, breathing, mutually nourishing -- even when mutually destroying -- points of life in Space, cells in the living Universe. Brotherhood is more than a "fact in nature," as the books have it; it is Cosmic Identity.

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"...neither stars nor the sun can be said to be constituted of those terrestrial elements with which the chemist is familiar, though they are all present in the sun's outward robes -- and a host more of elements so far unknown to science." ... our globe has its own special laboratory on the far-away outskirts of its atmosphere, crossing which, every atom and molecule change and differentiate from their primordial nature.... though no element present on our earth could ever be possibly found wanting in the sun, there are many others which have either not reached, or not as yet been discovered on, our globe. "Some may be missing in certain stars and heavenly bodies in the process of formation; or, though present in them, these elements, on account of their present state, may not respond as yet to the usual scientific tests." --S.D. I, 583.

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