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The third Continent, we propose to call "Lemuria." The name is an invention, or an idea, of Mr. P. L. Sclater, who asserted, between 1850 and 1860, on zoological grounds the actual existence, in prehistoric times, of a Continent which he showed to have extended from Madagascar to Ceylon and Sumatra. It included some portions of what is now Africa; but otherwise this gigantic Continent, which stretched from the Indian Ocean to Australia, has now wholly disappeared beneath the waters of the Pacific, leaving here and there only some of its highland tops which are now islands. (Secret Doctrine, 1888, II, 7).
NO doubt to many scientific minds, the Theosophical doctrine that Lemuria not only existed, but was inhabited, is the height of absurdity; so late as 1932, one scientific writer spoke of "the often-laid ghost of the imaginary continent of Lemuria."(1) Curiously, the discovery with which this savant sought to lay the "ghost" once more, was the finding of marsupial remains in the three continents of South America, Africa, and Australia, under circumstances leading to a conclusion that the marsupials originated in America. But just why should this do away with Lemuria, especially as the writer admits that it is "some evidence for a possible land-connection between South America and Australia"?

This triple connection will become clearer with a fuller description of Lemuria. Beginning, then, at the Himalayas, it comprised the present Indian Ocean, including Australia on one side and Madagascar, with parts of what is now Africa. It formed a giant horse-shoe around South Africa, which was a huge bay containing some islands; joined the now submarine Challenger Ridge at Tristan Dacunha, which formed a continuation of Lemuria running through the site of the British Isles, up through Scandinavia. The location and direction of the mountain chain forming the backbone of Norway unmistakably places it as a continuation of the Challenger Ridge and hence of Northern Lemuria, later Northern Atlantis. The geological evidence of this is the reason why Prof. Berthold Seeman held Europe and Australia once to have been portions of a single continent. Most of the ideas regarding Lemuria, however, have been connected with the South Pacific.

The Secret Doctrine describes a branch of the continent as crossing the Pacific from Australia to, or almost to, South America, and as including "a large part of California." This explains the three-pointed marsupial puzzle, and why this very primitive form of animal life peculiar to Lemuria, and in previous years known only in Australia, appears in such widely separated regions. One can follow the shores of this continent clear around the world, tracing them out by successive links of ever-accumulating evidence in several branches of science.

Fossils found on St. Lawrence Island, and on the Galapagos, substantiate the theory of a pacific "land-bridge" between Asia and South America.(2) Dr. Joseph Rock located and brought back plants from the Yangtze, Salween, and Mekong Rivers of Tibet and Yunnan, related also to plants of both South America and Africa.(3) There are only two species of true alligator -- and one of them exists in the southern United States and the other in China!(4) The remains of the "inland sea" of Asia noted by H.P.B. in her discussion of Lemuria, was discovered by Dr. Nils Hoerner, of the Sven Hedin Expedition.(5) Some most remarkable human evidence turns up in the prehistoric traces of the Australian blacks, who are the last of the Lemurian races, according to the Secret Doctrine. Excavations at the Rancho Santa Fe, in California, for the Smithsonian Institution, uncovered skulls almost exactly like those of the Australian Black and totally different from those of the California Indians. Prof. M. R. Drennan found bones near Cape Town, South Africa, closely resembling the extinct Australian race of the Tasmanians, whose Lemurian origin is familiar to students of the Secret Doctrine. Prof. Raymond Dart, the foremost African anthropologist, thinks they "indicate that the Tasmanians once lived in prehistoric Africa," but that it is "a mystery how they crossed the Indian Ocean between Africa and Tasmania, for the Tasmanian survivors when found had no knowledge of boats, except crude rafts."(6) The explanation is clear enough. To all this we have to add a seemingly insignificant, almost wholly overlooked, but overwhelmingly important discovery made two or three years ago at Bolsa Chica, near the Rancho Santa Fe in California. It was a flat stone carved with many round indentations. It was regarded as profoundly mysterious -- but naturally no one connected it with the runes of prehistoric Scandinavia.

Messrs. Richardson and Barth are said to have been amazed at finding in the Desert of Sahara the same trilithic and raised stones they had seen in Asia, Circassia, Etruria, and in all the North of Europe. Mr. Rivett-Carnac, B.C.S., of Allahabad ... shows the same amazement in finding the description given by Sir J. Simpson of the cuplike markings on stones and rocks in England, Scotland, and other Western countries -- "offering an extraordinary resemblance" to "the marks on the trap Boulders which encircle the Barrows near Nagpur" (the City of Snakes). The eminent scholar saw in this "another and very extraordinary addition to the mass of evidence... that a branch of the nomadic tribes, who swept at an early date over Europe, penetrated into India also." We say Lemuria, Atlantis and her giants, and the earliest races of the Fifth Root-Race had all a hand in these betyles, lithoi, and "magic" stones in general. The cup marks noticed by Sir J. Simpson, and the "holes scooped out on the face" of rocks and monuments found by Mr. Rivett-Carnac "of different sizes varying from six inches to an inch-and-a-half in diameter, and in depth from one to one-and-a-half inch .... generally arranged in perpendicular lines presenting many permutations in the number and size and arrangement of the cups" -- are simply written RECORDS of the oldest races... Sweden, Norway, and Scandinavia are full of such written records, the Runic characters having followed the cup-marks and long and short strokes. (S.D. II, 346).
What on earth could be more natural than that a half-animal, degraded relic of the lower Lemurian stocks should preserve for ages in its wanderings, as a sacred relic, a written tablet of its former and vanished god-like masters, abandoning it at the place of perishing?

Prof. H. H. Woollard considers the Australian blacks, because of their unique traits, to have sprung from one canoe-load, or even from a single family.(7) The pure-blooded blacks of the interior do not show a single example of the Group B blood-type, one of the four types otherwise diffused throughout the human race. The reason is obvious enough -- the B type is a later evolution in the human race entirely, and the uniqueness of the blacks is due, not to their immigration in a small group, but to their history as solitary survivors of Lemuria on their original plot of land -- a far more rational explanation.

It is hardly surprising that some scientific opinion is veering towards belief in Lemuria. To such men as Dr. MacMillan Brown, Lemuria is as objective a reality as America. Drs. Frederico Millosevich and G. P. Rosati, of the University of Rome, have worked out a series of geological calculations leading them to believe that some day the whole Pacific Ocean may be converted into a huge island. President J. W. Gregory, of the British Geological Society, thinks that the Pacific once afforded a dry route from East to West.

That Lemurian civilization will be discovered may be regarded as certain, not only upon Theosophical prophecy, but from the present trend of discovery. Whether it will be recognized as "Secondary Period" -- a wild fable now to even the most liberal scientist -- is a question. Where may we look for such discoveries? It is hard to say. But if eager scientists should in the future desire a "tip" from the Secret Doctrine, let them comb Madgascar with a more discerning eye as to formations made to look like works of nature by great passage of time, but in reality human artifacts. Australia may offer something; but it was an "inland region" originally. Inland regions tend to be inhospitable, and the presence of the degraded blacks, plus geology, indicate that their home may have been a high, harsh, and desert plateau offering little attraction to civilization and therefore open to them as a refuge only, in those far distant times.

There are Cyclopean relics of Lemuria scattered widely in plain sight over the earth; but they have so long been "authoritatively" catalogued as something else that recognition of their true origin must wait upon correlation with newer discoveries. The birth of a whole new branch of geological physics waits upon the recognition of periodic rises and falls of continents by science.

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