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...our globe is subject to seven periodical entire changes which go pari passu with the races. For the Secret Doctrine teaches that, during this Round, there must be seven terrestrial pralayas, three occasioned by the change in the inclination of the earth's axis. It is a law which acts at its appointed time, and not at all blindly, as science may think, but in strict accordance and harmony with Karmic law. In Occultism this inexorable law is referred to as "the great ADJUSTER." (Secret Doctrine, 1888, II, 329).
IT is curious that considerable evidence is now accumulating for the polar tilts essential to the validity of the Secret Doctrine geology, and implied in the formation of the great "Earth Belts" which are almost certainly former equators. The crushing and folding of the earth's crust along the line of an obsolete equator at the time of tilting, is touched upon by John I. Leskard, in the Professional Engineer for January, 1930. One geologist, H. F. Cowden,(1) holds that California was once the site of the North Pole, and one day will find itself in the Tropics. He bases this on the discovery of fossils in the Petrified Forest showing the existence of prehistoric animals of Arctic type; incidentally quoting Government figures to the effect that the Pole may one day be found in Siberia. Other investigators believe in the general nature of such changes without locating them specifically. A group of Chinese geologists, studying the rocks laid down in Shensi millions of years ago, conclude definitely that the poles have shifted, and may shift again.(2) Prof. A. R. Hinks, of the Royal Geographical Society, and Prof. Arthur Holmes claim that Southern India was once covered by an ice sheet, and that the North Pole must then "have been somewhere in the present region of the Pacific Ocean." The same authorities claim that Great Britain was once very near the equator, but seem to lay this to continental drift rather than to pole shift.(3)

A discovery which promises enormously for future knowledge is the fact that the directions of magnetic lines of force register themselves permanently in cooling lava. Thus in order to locate previous positions of the magnetic poles, it is merely necessary to locate and date lava flows in several points over the surface of the earth.(4) According to Dr. M. P. L. Mercanton, investigations so far do show such polar changes. On the other hand, the magnetic poles correspond only roughly to the geographic axis now, and it may have been so in the past.

The center of Pleistocene and of the present much reduced glaciation, was near the present magnetic pole and in northern Greenland. The reduction of ice area and the end of the "ice age" is obviously due to a warming of the earth as a whole. But if some great change brought on glaciation in the Pleistocene, what more logical than that it was the last -- probably minor -- movement of the Axis something less than a million years ago, mentioned by H. P. Blavatsky as destroying the last great islands of Atlantis?

It is quite evident that ocean and land areas tend to alternate. The Pacific and Indian oceans were land when Africa and South America were in infancy; in turn, Lemuria sank as these regions were upheaved. The Pacific appears to be an enormous subsidence block whose submersion limits were fixed by the line of the San Andreas equator; and North America was upheaved on the other side of that equator, later, part of California remaining as a permanent pivot-ridge. There is much local evidence for this. The San Onofre Brecchia is taken by scientists to indicate the former existence of a river of continental size which flowed from the West and debouched into ocean water where the California Coast now stands. Seventy miles north, appears the Inglewood Fault, cause of the March, 1933, earthquake. The direction of this fault, projected southward, coincides with the coast at the location of the San Onofre deposit. What more likely, then, that this very fault all along here is the limit of Lemurian submersion, leaving as a relic the old river-deposit, the mountains through which it flowed becoming the San Clemente and Santa Catalina Islands, which rise from depths of up to 5,000 feet? These islands are regarded as "upthrust blocks;" but at what date were they originally upthrust?

It has been a somewhat popular theory of late that the Pacific was formed by the moon being torn out of it. The proponents of the idea ignore the facts, first, that the material of the moon is different; and second, that the volume of the Pacific is only one-thirtieth that of the moon. President Gregory, of the British Geological Society, stigmatizes the idea as absurd, and believes that the Pacific was once mostly dry land.(5)

If the rate of rise and fall of the lands on these various belts around the world were ascertained and mapped, it would be possible to make almost mathematical predictions of the next continental areas and even of their dates of emergence. This work has been done only locally and in small part, but does give some clues. The Appalachian belt is rising at Charleston, Southern Carolina, at between 7 and 15 inches per century, and so also at Portland, Maine, while New York, Boston, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, are subsiding from 3 to 11 inches per century. These changes would place a mile of water over New York in a million years more.(6) This would in general indicate a series of highly irregular subsidences and upheavals of the Atlantic coast, breaking it up into islands and mountains with corresponding disturbances. On the Pacific Coast, the Southern California coast is known to be rising, and the San Francisco Bay region to be sinking. The Santa Catalina Channel off Los Angeles is known to be in process of upheaving and forming a mountain chain. Therefore one may count with certainty upon the appearance of new lands contiguous with Southern California, and irregularly along the whole Pacific Coast more or less. If precedent is any guide, this would be accompanied by widespread sinking of the eastern parts of the continent, with Atlantic upheavals.

Going further afield, the rise of the Himalayas is now known to have been geologically recent.(7) This is strictly in accordance with the Secret Doctrine teachings. It is altogether probable that the upheaval is continuing, for seismic activity certainly continues along this chain from Spain to Australia. If so, we may look for a rise of the Indian lowlands. Coincident perhaps with the Indian regeneration prophesied for the distant future? This is in line with the fact that India, after sinking with the rest of Lemuria, later rose again, and is thus really in her first youth geographically, though historically old. The Secret Doctrine points out the geological and traditional evidence that the shore lay at Hardwar, at the foot of the Hindu Kush, long after Indian civilization rose -- a much longer time ago than will be conceded by science.

Let us then sum up the geological evidences with a view to correlating the connections between racial and continental evolution so dwelt upon in Theosophy:

1. Eastern United States. Inhabited by the newest strictly Aryan sub-race, containing some forerunners of the Sixth like all of America, but politically, morally, and physically showing many mixed and retrograde tendencies. Geological evidence to the effect of a mixed fate seismically speaking, with uncertain destiny as to elevation or submersion.

2. Southern United States. Socially, politically, morally retrograde as compared with the rest of the country. Manifest bad Karma as to both man and nature, both in past and present. Geologically, trend uncertain, but elevation such that a submersion of 2,000 feet would practically wipe out the whole section.

3. Western United States. Social tendencies far from perfect, but among the most forward in the world today. Average elevation far higher than the rest of the country; Pacific Coast geology presaging extension westward. Country unsettled and sectional Karma unformed.

4. Central Pacific. Upheaval presaged, in line for mass immigration from Australia, New Zealand, and America, where social tendencies are progressive.

5. Australia and Malaysia. Native cultures dying; little replacement by higher races, and geologically apparently in line for submersion.

6. Japan. Technically and scientifically progressive; socially and culturally retrograde. Capable of surviving a deeper submersion than China, but seismically in a very vulnerable position.

7. China. Socially dying; prophesied to be undergoing a last flush of activity before final downfall. Geologically ridden by earthquakes and highly vulnerable to submersion.

8. Central Asia. Socially barbarian but relatively undegraded. Geologically upheaving, already the highest average elevation in the world. Seat of the mysterious "Sacred Isle" which has survived two full cycles of planetary history; contains the "navel of the earth," the "heart of the planet" that beats beneath the "belt of the sacred Himavat."

9. India. Socially degraded, but alive with the instinct of spiritual devotion. According to prophesy, one day to regain her ancient glory. Is on a new land, geologically, destined to rise with the Himalayas.

10. Europe. Retrograde in every sense; in her Kali Yuga. On lands doomed by both Theosophical prophecy and geological evidence to subsidence.

11. Africa. Socially dark; populated by remnants of dying races, but being settled by the new races in spots. Geologically indeterminate.

The picture then, for 16,000 years hence, at the date of the next great changes, is for a Europe partly submerged, broken into islands, inhabited by fragments of dying races; Central Asia but little changed, except for higher altitudes; India enjoying a colder climate, higher altitudes, a new civilization, with some area added to the southward; Australia breaking up, extending westward, with large islands appearing in the Pacific; China reduced to an archipelago, with dying tribes perhaps dominated by descendants of the Japanese, whose original home will have become a few island peaks; Western America raised in elevation, heavily populated, extended westward into the Pacific, home of a definitely new race; Southern and Eastern United States greatly changed, partly autopsized; the Atlantic giving birth to new large islands and perhaps to a connection between Africa and South America.

Such changes will not occur overnight; they will be in the form of steady and unconnoted changes, broken from time to time by local cataclysms in the earth's crust and by wars among mankind; and never at any time will a coherent picture be seen except by Those who watch from the Himavat and such as become knowingly of Their company -- very few for a long time yet. Yet in the lifetimes of many Theosophical students, perhaps, will gradual but portentous indications of the future in both man and nature be in sight.

COMPILER'S NOTE: The following is a separate item which followed the above article but was on the same page. I felt it was useful to include it here:


Whatever the views of physical Science upon the subject, Occult Science has been teaching for ages that A'kâs a -- of which Ether is the grossest form -- the fifth universal Cosmic Principle (to which corresponds and from which proceeds human Manas) is, cosmically, a radiant, cool, diathermanous plastic matter, creative in its physical nature, correlative in its grossest aspects and portions, immutable in its higher principles. In the former condition it is called the Sub-Root; and in conjunction with radiant heat, it recalls "dead worlds to life." In its higher aspect it is the Soul of the World; in its lower -- the DESTROYER. --S.D. I, fn. p. 13.

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