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ARE there evidences other than inferential to substantiate the hybridization theory of immunology? And can hybridization between human and animal substance create maleficent germs? We say yes, to both. Infantile paralysis appeared in 1860 in Germany, reaching the United States in the 90's.(1)The first compulsory vaccination law was passed in Germany in 1807.

Though among the newest of diseases, it is among the most intractable. According to the Hooper Foundation, its virus is remarkably resistant to destruction.(2) Says Sun Diet Health Service (Dr. Howard Hay):

"If a true statement of vaccination history were given out in every case it would be found that a very suggestive relationship exists between this rite and the paralytic disease that all dread so much, as also between vaccination and most of the paralytic conditions, but it seems to be omitted always from the history of such cases, for some reason that is not hard to divine."

According to Time, February 11, 1929, the American Medical Association itself admitted that a number of children had developed brain infections, encephalitis, shortly after smallpox vaccinations, "which may have affected the brains." But, the Association hastens to add, such risks being much less than those of smallpox, "vaccination must not be avoided." And would the Association care to have the books of the serum laboratories thrown open for inspection as to how many of its members are heavy stockholders?

Dr. Edwin G. Conklin remarks(3) that anyone not believing in vaccination is "not only ignorant but a dangerous citizen." In view of the foregoing, we submit that there are ignorances greater and citizens more dangerous.

There is no scientific man in the world who does not regard as abominable the union, as forms, of human and animal bodies; yet there are very few scientific men who do not regard with approbation, and forward with all their power, the infinitely more intimate and potent union of the very tissues within the body.

Something has happened to break down in the minds of the race the protective recognition of natural distinctions and the sense of the biological fitness of things. That something happened millions of years ago. Man himself printed a lie upon the zoological history of the earth by his miscegenative creation of the ape. Had it not been for the ape, the "animal ancestry" myth could not have arisen. The distinction between man and animal, and the substance of their respective bodies could not have been lost. If man is an animal, why not exchange substances with the animal? Why not? says Science. If man is an animal, why not mate with animals? Why not? said those pseudo-scientists who yesteryear set on foot an expedition to further experiments along that line. Furthermore -- if man is an animal, why not so act -- each for himself, and the hindmost for the devil? Even so; and the present disintegration of modern civilization needs little other explanation.

But the very physical condition of mankind which incites these destructive medical misdeeds also traces back to the same cause. H. P. Blavatsky states that man in that act "produced in himself a terrible cause which weighs on his descendants to this day." It is that which weighs on all but those few savages "who have just begun to spin out their Karma." It is that which each of us bears in his flesh, fortunately for the most part in latent form. It is that, we think, which is the progenitor of all disease and of which all diseases are probably variations. It is syphilis.

But how did syphilis originate from sin? The real depths of bacteriology have hardly been touched upon. It is probably true now, and was far more likely true in that day of still fluidic species, that sex mating of substance produces not only the microscopic visible form, but unknown breeds of microscopic life, beneficent or malevolent according to the spirit and character of the mating.

The animal union may not only have produced the ape to live in the forest; it may have produced the spirochete to live in the flesh to this day, to hybridize with the tissues of the flesh and produce still other breeds of rapacious germs. Unwholesome breeds have been part of the flesh of man from time immemorial; with what consequence, who knows? It is demonstrated that a hundredth of a gram of certain animal secretions will produce the most violent emotional reactions. Who knows what animalization of the soul may result from the contents of a hypodermic needle; how far the rending warfare between the higher and lower self of man is embittered by the doctor's addition to our internal cellular chaos?

And thus all mankind stands within the ever-lengthening shadow of ancient sin.

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