THEOSOPHY, Vol. 66, No. 11, September, 1978
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OUR teachings show that, while it is quite correct to say that nature had built, at one time, around the human astral form an ape-like external shape, yet it is as correct that this shape was no more that of the "missing link," than were the coverings of that astral form, during the course of its natural evolution through all the kingdoms of nature. Nor was it on this Fourth Round planet that such evolution took place, but only during the First, Second, and Third Rounds, until he became what he was in the First Root-Race of present humanity. The real line of evolution differs from the Darwinian, and the two systems are irreconcilable, except when the latter is divorced from the dogma of "Natural Selection" and the like.

The Third Round terrestrial animal forms were just as much referable to types thrown off by Third Round man, as that new importation into our planet's area -- the mammalian stock -- is to the Fourth Round Humanity of the Second Root-race. The process of human foetal growth epitomizes not only the general characteristics of the Fourth, but of the Third Round terrestrial life. The potentiality of every organ useful to animal life is locked up in Man -- the microcosm of the Macrocosm -- and abnormal conditions may not unfrequently result in the strange phenomena which Darwinists regard as "reversion to ancestral features."

If men existed two million years ago, they must have been -- just as the animals were -- quite different physically and anatomically from what they have become; and they were nearer then to the type of pure mammalian animal than they are now. Anyhow, we learn that the animal world breeds strictly inter se, i.e., in accordance with genus and species -- only since the appearance on this earth of the Atlantean race. It is far more likely that the anthropoid ape should be discovered to be the descendant of man, than that these two types should have a common, fantastic and no-where-to-be-found ancestor. "Man was the first and highest (mammalian) animal that appeared in this (Fourth Round) creation. Then came still huger animals; and last of all the dumb man who walks on all fours."

There was a "special creation" for man, and a "special creation" for the ape, his progeny; only on other lines than ever bargained for by Science ... man was indeed made in the image of a type projected by his progenitor, the creating Angel-Force, or Dhyan Chohan; while the wanderer of the forest of Sumatra was made in the image of man, since the framework of the ape, we say again, is the revival, the resuscitation by abnormal means of the actual form of the Third-Round and of the Fourth-Round Man as well, later on. Nothing is lost in nature, not an atom....

It is in the suddenly arrested evolution of certain sub-races, and their forced and violent diversion into the purely animal line by artificial cross-breeding, truly analogous to the hybridization, which we have now learned to utilize in the vegetable and animal kingdoms, that we have to look for the origin of the anthropoids. Even though a missing link were found, the balance of evidence would remain more in favour of the ape being a degenerated man made dumb by some fortuitous circumstances, than tending to show that man descends from a pithecoid ancestor.

Owing to the very type of his development man cannot descend from either an ape or an ancestor common to both, but shows his origin from a type far superior to himself. And this type is the "Heavenly man" -- the Dyhan Chohans, or the Pitris so-called. On the other hand, the pithecoids, the orang-outang, the gorilla, and the chimpanzee can, and, as the Occult Sciences teach, do, descend from the animalized Fourth human Root-Race, being the product of man and an extinct species of mammal -- whose remote ancestors were themselves the product of Lemurian bestiality -- which lived in the Miocene age, originating in the sin of the "Mind-less" races of the middle Third Race period. All forms which now people the earth, are so many variations on basic types originally thrown off by the MAN of the Third and Fourth Round. The basic types referred to were very few in number in comparison with the multitude of organisms to which they ultimately gave rise; but a general unity of type has been preserved throughout the ages ... the human type is the repertory of all potential organic forms, and the central point from which these latter radiate. In this postulate we find a true "Evolution" or "unfolding" -- a sense which cannot be said to belong to the mechanical theory of natural selection.

The THIRD RACE FELL -- and created no longer: it begat its progeny. Being still mindless at the period of separation, it begot, moreover, anomalous offspring, until its physiological nature had adjusted its instincts in the right direction. Men realized the unfitness -- we must not say sin -- of what they had done, only when too late; after the angelic monads from higher spheres had incarnated in, and endowed them with understanding. To that day they had remained simply physical, like the animals generated from them. For what is the distinction? The doctrine teaches that the only difference between animate and inanimate objects on earth, between an animal and a human frame, is that in some the various "fires" are latent, and in others they are active. The vital fires are in all things and not an atom is devoid of them. But no animal has the three higher principles awakened in him; they are simply potential, latent, and thus non-existing. And so would the animal frames of men be to this day, had they been left as they came out from the bodies of their Progenitors, whose shadows they were, to grow, unfolded only by the powers and forces immanent in matter.

The bestiality of the primeval mindless races resulted in the production of huge man-like monsters -- the offspring of human and animal parents. The unnatural union was invariably fertile, because the then mammalian types were not remote enough from their Root-type -- Primeval Astral Man -- to develop the necessary barrier. Let us remember in this connection the esoteric teaching which tells us of Man having had in the Third Round a GIGANTIC APE-LIKE FORM on the astral plane. And similarly at the close of the Third Race in this Round. Thus it accounts for the human features of the apes, especially of the later anthropoids -- apart from the fact that these latter preserve by Heredity a resemblance to their Atlanto-Lemurian sires.

As time rolled on, and the still semi-astral forms consolidated into the physical, the descendants of these creatures were modified by external conditions, until the breed, dwindling in size, culminated in the lower apes of the Miocene period. With these the later Atlanteans renewed the sin of the "Mindless" -- this time with full responsibility. The resultants of their crime were the species of apes now known as Anthropoid. Yet there were no anthropoid apes in the brighter days of the civilization of the Fourth Race; but Karma is a mysterious law, and no respecter of persons. The monsters bred in sin and shame by the Atlantean giants, "blurred copies" of their bestial sires, and hence of modern man ... now mislead and overwhelm with error the speculative Anthropologist of European Science.

Thus, it is most important to remember that the Egos of the apes are entities compelled by their Karma to incarnate in the animal forms, which resulted from the bestiality of the latest Third and the earliest Fourth Race men. They are entities who had already reached the "human stage" before this Round. Consequently, they form an exception to the general rule. The latter are truly "speechless men," and will become speaking animals (or men of a lower order) in the Fifth Round.

Furthermore, we are taught that the transformations through which man passed on the descending arc -- which is centrifugal for spirit and centripetal for matter -- and those he prepares to go through, henceforward, on his ascending path, which will reverse the direction of the two forces -- viz, matter will become centrifugal and spirit centripetal -- that all such transformations are next in store for the anthropoid ape also, and these will all be men in the Fifth Round, as present men inhabited ape-like forms in the Third, the preceding Round.

This is how Occult Science explains the absence of any link between ape and man, and shows the former evolving from the latter.

(To be continued)

COMPILER'S NOTE: The following is a separate item which followed the above article but was on the same page. I felt it was useful to include it here:

Nature always, so to speak, knows where and when to stop. Greater even than the mystery of natural growth is the mystery of the natural cessation of growth. There is a measure in all natural things -- in their size, speed or violence. As a result, the system of nature, of which man is a part, tends to be self-balancing, self-adjusting, self-cleansing. 


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(1) NOTE.--This is the fifth part of a six-part series on the races of mankind, collated from The Secret Doctrine.
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