THEOSOPHY, Vol. 14, No. 12, October, 1926
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[Part 11 of an 11-part series]

Seek out the way.

Seek the way by retreating within.

Seek the way by advancing boldly without.

Seek it not by any one road. To each temperament there is one road which seems the most desirable. But the way is not found by devotion alone, by religious contemplation alone, by ardent progress, by self-sacrificing labor, by studious observation of life. None alone can take the disciple more than one step onward. All steps are necessary to make up the ladder. ... The whole nature of man must be used wisely by the one who desires to enter the way. Each man is to himself absolutely the way, the truth, and the life.--Light on the Path.

ALL ways are necessary for our spiritual growth and progress. Not by devotion alone, not by study alone, not by works alone, not by contemplation alone, because man is a composite being. He has a mind, he must have knowledge; he has a moral nature, and therefore he must have the ennobling power of devotion; he has a bodily nature, and therefore he must learn how to act; along many ways, then, man comes gradually and slowly to know himself as he is.

One of the things that make difficulties in the world, and one that has made difficulties, as history teaches, is because human beings do not understand that underlying all religions, faiths and creeds, there is a unity of faiths, a similarity of teaching.

When the Mohammedan says "Allah," and the Christian says "God," they speak of the same thing; when the Hindu says "Brahm" and the Christian says "God," they speak of the same thing. As Krishna teaches in the Gita, "There are many ways along which men come to me, but all paths are mine to use, all paths lead to the same great eternal truth," whether it is spoken in the English language, Hebrew language, Latin language, Sanscrit language, or Arabic language. Just as the different languages convey the same idea, so different creeds, faith and religions, are nothing else but a collection of virtues, truths and facts, which are the same. And just as people live in different parts of the city, and when they want to come to a certain place, some come from the North, some from the South, some from the East, some from the West, but they all come there; so all people trying to come to their own Higher nature take different courses, but they are all bound for the same place. It looks as if they were going in opposite directions, but they are going to meet at the same place. That place is our own Higher Nature.

Men may look different in their bodies, in their emotional natures, in their minds, their perceptions, in their moral natures, but the Soul, the Perceiver, the Knower, the Actor, the Lover, is the same. All write, although writings are different; some have large hand-writing, some have small, some have clear, some have illegible hand-writing, but it is hand-writing which writes the same word.

So the Truth of the Higher Nature is the same -- God, Nature, everywhere Universal Life, in all places and at all times manifesting. The real God cannot say, "I am the God of the Jews and therefore I will throw out the Christians," or "I am the God of the Mohammedans, therefore I will have nothing to do with the Non-Mohammedans." God is God of all people everywhere -- the Same Universal Life. Each one according to his state of evolution understands, uses symbols, makes an image of God. There is no difference between a stone or wooden idol that the Hindu makes, as a symbol of God, and the stained-glass window of the church; there is no difference between the Christian Cross and the Hindu Swastika; there is no difference between Moses and Mohammed, between Jesus and Tsonga-Ka-pa, between Krishna and Buddha. They teach the same Truths.

The Great White Light is made up of seven colors. We do not know it unless through a prism we see the colors like a rainbow, and we see green, blue, yellow, red. But take all the colors of the rainbow and put them together, and you have the White Light; so the religions, sciences, philosophies, arts, are different prismatic colors. Theosophy is like the White Light.

Theosophy is like the centre. From the various parts of the Human Kingdom people flock to the centre, to the One Truth, and so each one has to find out, each one has to begin to live as a Theosophist -- not as red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, orange, violet -- but as the White Light, because it is all-inclusive. The green light is not all-inclusive. When people say green light is most superior, we might say red light is equally good, blue is equally good, each with a different purpose; but the source of each of these lights is the White Light. They have come from one Universal White Light, and they return to that Universal Light.

To become followers of that Light, to come to the centre -- that is the work. Not by one way alone, but by all ways, we come to realize an inner divinity in us, and moving in terms of the inner divinity, we begin to see the great Plan of the Universe, and the many paths that lead us to the Universal Truth which is Theosophy.

[Reminder: The "THEOSOPHY SCHOOL" series has now ended.]

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