THEOSOPHY, Vol. 14, No. 3, January, 1926
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Theosophy is not a belief or dogma formulated or invented by man, but is a knowledge of the laws which govern the evolution of the physical, astral, psychical, and intellectual constituents of nature and of man. 

--The Ocean of Theosophy.
THEOSOPHY truly is -- not a man made system of knowledge, but a code of Laws which are Nature-Laws. What is inherent in Nature is Truth. What is not inherent in Nature is not Truth. Theosophy is inherent in Nature. The greatest book of Theosophy is Nature, and we, as part of Nature, have the inherent Truth in us. We, as one fragment of Nature or Truth, are able to perceive and understand every other fragment or bit of Truth in proportion as we know ourselves as bits of it.

When we see a thing, that does not mean we understand it. When we read about the thing, still that does not mean that we therefore understand it. Because we think about that particular thing, it does not mean that we have understood. But when we use that power which is our Soul's power, that bit of Truth which we ourselves are, then the light of that Truth reveals or unfolds the Truth inherent in all other bits, objects, things, beings, people. Thus only do we understand. We have two great things to do -- to recognize first that all Nature is Truth in its invisible aspect, as well as in its visible aspect. That which we taste, touch, smell, see, and hear is not the whole of it. The real meaning, the real import, the real Truth can only be perceived -- not by the eyes of flesh, not by the eyes of the mind, not by the eyes of the moral nature -- but by the single eye of the soul.

We see all things as matter when we see them with the eyes of the flesh. When we have the eye of the soul, we see all things as conscious living organisms. To the eye of flesh the table is a piece of wood that is not alive, but when we begin to see with the eye of the soul, it is composed of millions upon millions of intelligent lives, conscious. Our body is inert, inanimate, compared to the activities of the mind; our brain is more living than our hands, just as our eyes are more living than our skin -- because some lives are more developed in certain ways than the others, in certain organs of the body more than in others. The life of the human body is more organised and developed than the life of the table. Ordinary people not understanding Theosophy, divide Nature, name it "dead matter" and "living matter": people who are alive, and people who are dead. Everything is living. Why do we not see that everything is living? Because we do not see with the single eye of Life. What is it that makes our body and brains alive? What makes our minds alive? It is the Soul. When we see the Living Soul which we are, all things become living to us. To the Immortal Soul all things are alive and immortal.

So all the truth of Nature is inherent in Nature. What do the books, the philosophy, the teachings do for us? They draw our attention to it. We do not invent the truth that 2x2=4. We learn about it and then we learn it. Truth exists in Nature, has existed for millions upon millions of years. When we go to school we only rediscover the truth about 2x2=4, and so with all Great Truths. All Truths are inherent in Nature. We are discovering, uncovering, unfolding, and the unfolding process is the work of the soul. The soul is invisible to the eyes of the flesh; the soul is invisible to the eyes of the mind; the soul is invisible and unknown to our moral nature, likes and dislikes, pleasures and pains. But when we begin to assert ourselves as souls we know it as the Real thing in us. It has two qualities, divinity and immortality; the soul is immortal, always existing, always is, and because it is divine it shows forth its many qualities, unfolds its many virtues, gradually, steadily, bit by bit, becoming greater and greater, better and better, grander and more glorious with every existence.

Theosophy is the Science of the Soul, the Religion of the Soul, and the scientific religion or the religious science inherent in all Nature, universal and everywhere present. That is what we try to learn with the help of Those who have studied and mastered it, of those Masters who have codified, have made a catalogue of the Truths, how They found these Truths, what are the first Truths easier to be found, and the more difficult ones to be found later on. By Their help we hasten our work to know the Great Truths: first, the simple; then from the simple we go to the difficult, as in every science. And when all Truth is known, we do not remain an individual Self, but become the Universal Self -- Universal Self is Truth everywhere. Once we become the Universal Self, we know all Truth. From the Individual to the Universal Self we go from that which is personal to that which is impersonal, from that which is a part, to that which is the whole. That is reaching Mukti, Nirvana, Salvation, Redemption, or whatever you like to call it -- the condition of knowing ourselves as Universal Selves.

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[Part 3 of an 11-part series]

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