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JESUS came to the Jews, Krishna to the Hindus; to whom did H.P.B. come?

(a) The answer to this question may be found in H.P.B.'s purpose and procedure. The first great aim of the messenger of the Masters was to establish a nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color. Hence her purpose was the universal good of all mankind, although she started her work in America, then going to England and India. This starting-point was taken because America possessed national and religious freedom which permitted the presentation of the Wisdom Religion. Here, too, on the American continent she knew that a new race was in the process of formation. Here is a great melting pot, and from the amalgamation of various races, a new race will emerge superior physically, psychically and mentally to this present race. So, it was important to stem the currents of materialistic science on the one hand, and psychism on the other, which were rapidly developing in America and which would prove harmful -- nay, deadly -- to the evolution of the coming race.

(b) Mr. Judge said in the second volume of Letters that Have Helped Me:

The Theosophical movement was begun as a work of the Brotherhood of which H.P.B. is a member, and in which the great Initiate, who was by her called Master, is one of the Chiefs.

It was started among Western people by Western people, the two chief agents being H.P.B., a Russian, and H. S. Olcott, an American. The place where it was started was also Western -- the City of New York....

The fact is significant that the Theosophical movement was thus, as said, begun in the Western world, in the country where the preparations for the new root race are going on, and where that new root is to appear. This was not to give precedence to any one race or country over another, or to reduce any race or country, but was and is according to the law of cycles, which is a part of evolution. In the eye of that great Law no country is first or last, new or old, high or low, but each at the right time is appropriate for whatever the work is that must be performed. Each country is bound up with all the others and must assist them.

This movement has, among others, an object which should be borne in mind. It is the union of the West with the East, the revival in the East of those greatnesses which once were hers, the development in the West of that Occultism which is appropriate for it, so that it may, in its turn, hold out a helping hand to those of older blood who may have become fixed in one idea, or degraded in spirituality.

For many centuries this union has been worked towards and workers have been sent out through the West to lay the foundations. But not until 1875 could a wide public effort be made, and then the Theosophical Society came into existence because the times were ripe and the workers ready. (p. 19-21).

The influence of any teaching spreads farther than among the people to whom a particular teacher comes, as we see in the wide spread of Christ's teachings, and those of Buddha and Krishna. So, H.P.B.'s teachings have been translated into many languages, and even in English circulate the world around. Moreover, associations of students of those teachings girdle the globe from West to East, and from East to West again, making a stronger and more effective bond between races and peoples than we, perhaps, can realize.

Was H.P.B. a medium?

(a) The definition given in Funk & Wagnall's dictionary for the word "medium" is "intervening instrumentality." In that sense of the word, we might say that H.P.B. was a medium between the world of adepts and the world of human beings, but according to the ten points given in her Isis Unveiled, II, Chap. XII, a medium is said to be the passive instrument of foreign or outside forces -- the exact opposite of an adept, who actively controls himself, and all inferior potencies. H.P.B. always warned against the dangers of mediumship. Both her mission and her work proved that she was not a medium in the vulgar sense of the word.

(b) H.P.B. was not a medium. Mediumship requires passivity, and is the direct antithesis of adeptship, which requires a positive nature. H.P.B. had the power to, and did perform phenomena, but not to satisfy vulgar curiosity, and never for money. She was in control -- not in trance-state -- and knew what was going on, which can not be said of the medium.

W. Q. Judge, who knew her best, wrote this:

Much has been said about her "phenomena," some denying them, others alleging trick and device. Knowing her for so many years so well, and having seen at her hands in private the production of more and more varied phenomena than it has been the good fortune of all others of her friends put together to see, I know for myself that she had control of hidden powerful laws of nature not known to our science, and I also know that she never boasted of her powers, never advertised their possession, never publicly advised anyone to attempt their acquirement, but always turned the eyes of those who could understand her to a life of altruism based on a knowledge of true philosophy. If the world thinks that her days were spent in deluding her followers by pretended phenomena, it is solely because her injudicious friends, against her expressed wish, gave out wonderful stories of "miracles" which cannot be proved to a sceptical public and which are not the aim of the Society nor were ever more than mere incidents in the life of H. P. Blavatsky.

("H.P.B. A Lion-Hearted Colleague Passes." Theosophy, Vol. I, page 267.) [Note: For those who would like to read this article by WQJ, you'll find a link to it when you get to the end of this one.--Compiler]

Is there any chance that a Messenger will not come in 1975?

(a) So far as it is recorded, history shows that toward the end of each century there has appeared an agent, or agents, of the Masters who have taught the same teaching to all races and ages. Tradition, or what the West classes more as tradition than authentic history, carries the succession of great Beings into still more remote times. I can think of no reason why the line should be suddenly broken. But there is always the danger that the Theosophical Movement may cease its public work in the world, as has happened many times when the followers of a Teacher fail to carry on the message in its pure form. The effectiveness of the next cyclic appearance of a Teacher will depend upon the devotion and sincerity of those who carry over the work from the time of Madame Blavatsky and Mr. Judge until the next cycle. It is true that only a few could keep Theosophy in the world, but how much more H.P.B. could have accomplished if there had been an organized body of students prepared for the Message!

(b) That is entirely for us to decide. H.P.B. in the Fourth Message to the American Theosophists bade them be Theosophists, and work for Theosophy -- the practical realization of which alone can save the Western world from selfishness and mere luxurious materialism. She said, "In your hands, brothers, is placed in trust the welfare of the coming century; and great as is the trust, so great is also the responsibility." To whom was she speaking, if not to us? The coming of a new messenger depends upon the appropriate conditions, and unless we do our work of disseminating the fundamental ideas, and the nomenclature, the ground will not be ready.

[Note: Here's the link to WQJ's article, entitled "H.P.B. A Lion-Hearted Colleague Passes", that was mentioned and quoted from in the above article by the Editors.--Compiler]

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