THEOSOPHY, Vol. 16, No. 2, December, 1927
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THERE are high beings and low, good beings and bad, wise beings and foolish ones, but they are all one fundamentally -- for all are LIFE. "God," therefore, cannot be a being, but all beings are Gods fundamentally. Deity, if It is to be conceived of as eternal, omnipresent, boundless, and omniscient, can only be that which is fundamentally identical, everywhere in everything, visible or invisible. Beings are the fundamental manifestation of LIFE.

Immortality -- deathlessness -- is therefore inherent in every being, for each is an indivisible portion of the One Life, and as such can have neither beginning nor ending, and must contain implicit in itself every possibility contained in Life. It is to this inclusive and unchanging fact behind all ideas of God and Gods, of creation and evolution, of death and regeneration, that each man must look for nobler and therefore truer inspiration and understanding of the great mysteries of Nature and of his own Being.

Nature can then be perceived as the collective manifestation of Beings of every grade -- all Divine because Immortal, all in Evolution spiritual and intellectual as well as physical. Although all Beings are immortal in essence, to be immortal in consciousness requires of necessity that the Being shall know for himself his own Divinity, and this can only come about through his own experience, efforts, and understanding. A MASTER OF WISDOM is a Being who has evolved through every possible experience and arrived at the perfection of Spiritual Knowledge. Such a Being is consciously immortal, and therefore truly Divine.

Men can only hope to realize their own immortality and divinity, in or out of the body, as they recognize the Presence of Deity in themselves and in all other Beings, and think and act from that basis. This is the Spiritual meaning within and behind the phrase "Universal Brotherhood."

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