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Tip: After finding an article and clicking on it, find keywords in the article by choosing "Edit" and "Find" from the browser's menu.

You can also do this within any article at any time, whether or not you got to it through this or any other search engine.

You can also keep going up to "Find", as often as you want, and change the words and phrases that you want to look for on the page you are on.

And to see if there are more than one of the same word or phrase on the page that you are searching on, after the first one comes up (by being automatically highlighted, if it exists on the page), just go back up to "Edit" and go down to "Find Again", which will take you to the next one if it exists on the page, and so on until you hear the noise or beep that tells you that there are no more of that word or phrase on the page.

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